Makeup Has no Gender

About Us

As Lagorn, we are the makeup experience that will never let you look back, especially for men into makeup. We know makeup as a weapon of choice for expressiveness—a way to radiate vibes—and influence a brilliant take on beauty that will help create fearlessly confident beings regardless of gender.

Lagorn was inspired to create Lagorn Men's Makeup after years of seeing a void in the beauty industry. Lagorn is a makeup line launched so that people, regardless of gender, are in the same game. Lagorn products are formulated to feel lightweight, even as they deliver effortless buildable coverage, to ultimately "make the skin look like skin."

Most importantly, Lagorn creates makeup for inclusivity: Makeup is there for everyone, especially guys, to have fun and look good with. So far, our products and their formulations can be used by both sexes, but Lagorn primarily emphasizes that it's a men's makeup brand and line. Men who use makeup to portray their attractive masculinity should not leave in fear of looking plastic but naturally gorgeous as long as appropriate amounts are used. Regardless of your gender identity and sexual orientation, Lagorn has your back. Ladies out there having fun and experimenting with makeup, you need to try the men’s makeup brand.

 It should never feel like a sin, burden, or pressure for men who apply makeup or want to try. Everyone should feel free to take risks, take chances, and dare to do something new or different as long as they feel protected and beautiful. Starting with Lagorn Men’s Foundation, Primer, and Men’s Concealer, Lagorn launched men's makeup to include men everywhere.

What do we achieve?


We're not here to define your look, but rather to find ways to take you there with every shade, formula, or texture.

Women are portrayed in all the previously launched beauty products and websites, not men. We forget that makeup is an art that allows many people with different individualities to express themselves amazingly differently. Our community believes that men need no make and are good to go anytime they feel like it, but HEY, we are changing the game whether you think or know it.

We shall help you push beyond your boundaries so that the gusto you have inside is expressed on the outside.


Making A Statement is what makes you, YOU. We love the makeup we offer because it makes you be whom you want. We constantly urge you to push boundaries that will fuel the Lagorn brand for the next one hundred years, keep us innovating to reshape lifestyles, create new looks, and give you the tools to explore new versions of yourself.

We believe that


Our customers are men. Our customers are women. We back our customers. The Lagorn Family is where we celebrate our customers that come to us for simplicity and inclusivity.