This primer is a must-find in men's makeup kits since it can even be worn alone.

What It Is:

A Lagorn primer is a face primer with a refined and saturated formula that acts as a base to soften the skin and increase moisture for a perfect canvas for a flawless look.

What It Is Used For:

A primer performs well as a perfect base to deliver the matte effect and run-proof your makeup entirely in a split-second. Our primer suits both oily and combination skin purposes. It blurs the appearance of skin holes and fine lines for a natural, lengthier, and airbrushed makeup look.

 How It Is Used:

Apply a certain amount of primer on your face and use your fingers or sponge to dab it into your skin. This application will improve your skin tone, moisturize, nourish, and create a smooth base for your makeup. Our formulas work for skin needs, including dry, oily, combination, and sensitive types.


This non-binary makeup product makes a smooth matte, pore-diffused effect and extends makeup wear by using it with an immediate retouch finish. It has a smoother, "You-see-me-now” texture that mattifies the skin with hardly any possible feel.

Lagorn primer is an oil-free base primer to soothe away skin holes, visibly evens out skin tone and texture, and absorbs shine without feeling dry or chalky pronto. Some men make up every time they move out, while the thought of makeup is horrendous for others. It brings relief knowing that one can apply primer on its own, and boom, you're out the door looking your best.

The best part is that THERE ARE NON-flashbacks—so let the paparazzi and paparazzo begin.